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Harold Lloyd: Speedy

Directed by: Harold Lloyd

1928 | USA | 1 hr 11 min


Wednesday, December 31, 2014, 7pm - 9pm

Special New Year's Eve Screening

Start Riverside’s annual New York themed New Year’s Eve accompanying comedian Harold Lloyd in an urban adventure that touches all of New York City’s major sights: the streets, subways, trams, cabs, towers, Yankee Stadium—with Babe Ruth—Coney Island’s Luna Park, Columbus Circle and Wall Street as they were in 1928. In the film’s climax, his trolley has a spectacular crash at the Brooklyn Bridge, an accident not planned, but left in the film. Lloyd’s Speedy reflects visions of early 20th-century America unequalled on the silver screen. This is Lloyd’s last silent film, and one of his most charming. Lloyd was an actor and film-maker more popular than Keaton, more prolific than Chaplin; a comedic genius whose expert staging and editing have influenced films for decades.

Nominated Best Comedy, Academy Awards 1929

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