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Riverbend Commons

Culver Center of the Arts


Thursday, May 9, 2013, 7pm - 8pm

NOTE: The live free performance by Riverbend Commons will be preceded by a film documentary where admission is $5.00 a ticket. Buy tickets to the film here.

Riverbend Commons is an event discussing the lack of music venue in Riverside and the need for more community events in the city. The show is comprised of two parts, a short documentary film covering 5 local musicians (Selena Vernon, Breezy Marie, Derrick Sanderlin, Walter Cabal & Jon Atkins) who conducted a house show combating the lack of music community. After the documentary a live musical performance from these musicians will be held in the atrium. The show is built around community action and the goal of centralizing a scattered music scene and inspiring/revitalizing individuals desire to organize, stage and execute events that will lead to a stronger more participative community.

Jon Atkins- Solemn in his writing and visceral in his performances, Jon Atkins brings cohesion and clarity to the riddles of life. The music embodies the human struggle.

Selena Vernon/ Sister Wife - Although conceived in the womb together these two only started sharing the stage 6 months ago. Selena Vernon is surprisingly insightful in her words and tone. With twin sister Serena Vernon backing her up on keyboard and vocals the sound is complete, this duo's natural harmony is both compelling and surreal.

Derrick Sanderlin - The sheer range and emotional utterance of Derricks voice is astonishing. His unique percussion work on the guitar and lengthy songs bring you the listener into his world.

Walter Cabal - A philosopher and poet, Walter glazes his beliefs and deep thoughts onto his music.

Jon Atkins - Keyboard, synthesizer, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Bass, 3 Mics
Selena Vernon - Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, 2 Mics
Derrick Sanderlin - Acoustic Guitar, Kickdrum, 2 mics
Walter Cabal - Acoustic Guitar(possibly electric), Kickdrum, 2 mics

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