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Audiovisual Music III

Culver Center of the Arts

Free Admission


Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 7pm

Gary Barnett, piano

Martin Jaroszwvicz and Alvaro Lopez, live electronics

Audiovisual Music explores the convergence of sound and image through different forms and technologies of audiovisual and multimedia composition including experimental film, video art, live performance with piano and electronics and interactive visual projection.

The program presents audiovisual compositions – including many world premieres – by UCR faculty, grad students and guest artists from Argentina, Brazil, and Russia.

The first part of the program features compositions for audiovisual media in the screening room

and the second part audiovisual works with live performance in the atrium.


Part I – Screening Room

Inge Kamps / Paulo C. Chagas

Ellipse – music video (2008) – 14’20”   –   world premiere

Guilherme Bertissolo

Arch Mirror #2 – music video (2011) – 2’50”

Igor Kefalidis / Alexander Pettai

Apophonie – music video (2016) – 5’36’’   –   world premiere

Nikolay Popov / Alexander Plakhin

Edit(a)Fill – multimedia composition (2015) – 7'10"

Part II – Atrium

Alvaro Lopez

Sonic Attraction – audiovisual generative music (2016)  –   world premiere

Alvaro Lopez

Waves – for piano, live-electronics and video (2015-16) 

Martin Jaroszewicz

The Disk – for piano, live-electronics and video (2015-16) – world premiere

Support has been provided by UCR College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS) and the City of Riverside

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