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Random Acts of Content


Culver Center of the Arts

May 6 - June 12, 2018

You are invited to a collaborative project

Submission Deadline: June 12
Exhibition dates: June 30 – August 12
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 7, 6-8 PM (Culver Center of the Arts

Random Acts of Content is a collaborative project that asks the community to partake in a larger dialogue focused on art making and storytelling. We are putting out a call for you to capture one photograph of one object that has some significance to you that possesses one color. You can do all this by using the camera on your phone or tablet. But here’s the catch- avoid putting people in your photo. Selected submissions will be printed in color on varying sizes of paper. These photographs will be part of an installation featured at the Culver Center of the Arts from June 30 through August 16 (with a reception on July 7, 6-8 PM).  Submissions will be juried by a panel and curated by the museum’s curatorial and education team.  Be sure to follow the submission guidelines below. One entry person. This project is open to all ages, so we ask you keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it classy.


1. Find 1 object (no people or people parts) that may have some significance to you that possesses 1 color.

2. Using your phone or tablet, photograph that object on a white background or white surface (you can use paper, table, wall, blanket, towel, etc. as a back drop). See examples at the top of this page.

3. Send your photograph to the museum
Using your phone or tablet send your photo to:


Along with your photo, be sure to add the following information in the body of your text message or email:
    a) First and Last Name
    b) City and State where you reside
    c) Preferred email address where we can reach you

(Submissions without the above info will be eliminated from the process)

4. Read photo waiver below.

It will be printed on standard paper. The size of the paper will depend on the orientation of your photograph. For the exhibition, your photo will be labeled with FIRST NAME and CITY/STATE at the very bottom of this site.


-One entry per person. Entries that do not adhere to the guidelines will be eliminated from the process.
-Keep it simple. Keep it clean (family friendly, please). Questionable submissions will not be accepted.
-Deadline for submission is June 12 at 11:59 PM.
-Entries selected for the exhibition will be contacted via email by June 18.
-Photographs selected into the exhibition will be on view at the Culver Center from June 30 through July 15 with an opening reception on Saturday, July 7 from 6-8 PM. Admission to the reception on July 7 between 6-8 PM is open to the public and free admission.


I understand that any photograph, sound recording, motion picture, or video I submit is for the purpose of collecting and/or representing factual information in the interest of serving the University of California’s mission of research, education, and public service, and for promoting the public good.

I hereby assign to THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA (the “University”) all rights, title, and interest, including copyright, in and to any and all such photographs, sound recordings, motion pictures, or videos, and I hereby irrevocably authorize the University, its officers, agents, and employees, without limitation, to reproduce, copy, sell, exhibit, publish, or distribute, in any medium now known or later developed, any and all such photographs, sound recordings, motion pictures, or videos in perpetuity for the purposes expressed above.

I further release and forever discharge the University, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of said photographs, sound recordings, motion pictures, or videos, including but not limited to any and all claims for invasion of privacy, defamation, or infringement of copyright.

I have read and understood the provisions of this agreement, and understand that I am free to obtain advice from legal counsel of my choice, at my expense, to interpret these provisions. By submitting this photo, I acknowledge that I have freely and voluntarily entered into this agreement. 


What happens to the photographs when the exhibition closes?
Since the printed photographs will be mounted to the gallery wall using adhesives, the chances of it being in tact, and not tearing are very likely. Therefore, the printed photographs will be recycled after the completion of the exhibition. As for the digital file of your photograph, we will also discard it after the completion of the exhibition.

Will you put my photograph up on your website?
We may post select entries on our social media site. Be sure to follow us: UCR ARTSblock (Facebook), @ucrartsblock, #RandomActsOfContent (Instagram).

When can we see the exhibition?
You can check out the exhibition from June 30 through August 15 during the museum’s public hours: Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-5PM, Friday-Saturday 11AM-7PM, and Sunday 11AM-4PM. We will be closed on Independence Day, July 4.

How will the presentation of my photograph look?
They will look something like the examples above.

While my photograph is up on display, can someone purchase it?
The ARTSblock is an exhibiting museum and not a commercial art gallery, therefore, works cannot be purchased.

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